Children camp 2


Children and Youth Summer Camp

Program Description

Summer Camp will operate Mondays through Fridays from 8am-3pm by facilitating an engaging and positive environment that will both develop and enrich academic skills and support an appreciation for various creative art genres during June-August months.

Program Details

  • Academic enrichment activities 

The academic enrichment activities will provide, youth in the community, free time and team building activities.   Activities will include board games video games, and team activities.

  • Supervision

Many parents in the community work long hours, go to school and are unable to provide necessary supervision. During this time the children will be in a healthy and safe environment with individual’s that provide necessary supervision.

  • Field trips

 Extracurricular activities will consist of trip to the Seaquarium, Miami Children Museum, Planetarium, Zoo Miami and Jungle Island.

  • Computer lab access

Computer Lab will provide children in our low income community access to the internet for research projects, education on basic computer skills and assist in home learning assignments. Computer Lab will be facilitated by a Certified Technology Instructor.

  • Nutrition

A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack, will be provided to each child during Youth Summer Camp activities.