Empowerment Workshop and Conferences for Men, Women and Youth

Empowerment Workshop and Conferences for Men, Women and Youth

Program Description: 

WMCC seeks to provide youth and adults with community workshops and conferences to address many of the today’s pressing issues.With guest speakers, trained and licensed professionals, and many other resources, the  goal is to equip and empower the community.

Program Details

Conferences- Conferences geared toward families, youth, men and women. Conferences will address the needs and issues’ surrounding both men and women in today’s society and help them to rise above issues such as emotional and physical abuse, job security, financial issues and raising a family.


Workshops will be geared toward men, women and youth. Workshops will facilitate discussions and provide hands on experience in the areas of health awareness, finance, education and leadership in a small group setting.


Summits will be geared toward youth. Youth summits will emphasize the involvement of youth, youth development and provide services more directly to youth. This will include violence and prevention, abstinence, school dropout, alcohol, anger management, drug abuse and college preparation.