Adult Educational Programs

Adult Educational Programs

Program Description 

The WMCC seeks to provide adult educational programs which will serve as a catalyst to longevity learning skills such as proficiency of the English language, basic computer training, and job interviewing etiquette. Adult educational services will be provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm- 9pm.

Program Details

English language development courses- 

A  large number of immigrants, high illiteracy and dropout rates in the community has hindered many from pursuing secondary and higher education, as well as obtaining better jobs. These courses will provide individuals with Basic English language development skills. Courses will be taught by Certified Instructors in the subject areas of English, Reading, Social Studies and Math.

Computer training 

Basic computer courses will be offered to advance computer literacy in a largely illiterate community, which will broaden the horizon for better job opportunities. This will also help in continuing post secondary education. This course will be taught by a Certified Computer Technology Instructor.

Employer education and interviewing skills training 

This course will teach skills, which will begin with resume preparation, job search, proper interview attire and job interviewing skills. This course will be taught by a Certified Life Skills Instructor that will teach with a hands-on approach.